Kokopelli Gallery

Authentic Native American Arts & Contemporary Jewelry


Few characters have been endowed with more attributes than Kokopelli has. Many of the world’s virtues from fertility to music to rain and agriculture have been ascribed to the humpbacked, flute-playing figure. Indeed, Kokopelli has become a salient representative of native American cultures of the southwestern U.S. The spirit of this well-known deity is very much alive in the art on display at the Kokopelli Gallery.


Native american art and contemporary jewelry in napa valley

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Visitors who stroll along St. Helena’s historic Main Street can’t help but be instantly drawn to the compelling art within the gallery’s show windows. Along with native American art is a collection of contemporary and unique fine jewelry and art from  local as well as international artisans. New customers discover a range of imaginative pieces. Former customers stop by again and again to view new pieces from favorite artists.

The art and jewelry on display is painstakingly selected for authenticity and exquisite craftsmanship. The items originate from renowned artists working in America’s southwest plus local and internationally recognized artists worldwide. Kokopelli Gallery is proud of the quality of the art it presents and is sure you will be equally proud to wear and show in your home.

Please stop by Kokopelli when you visit the Napa Valley. We’re easy to find on St. Helena’s Main Street.

Kokopelli Gallery Owner discusses why he loves the Napa Valley and the art and jewelry the shop offers.